Axel Design

Sketch of Axel's frog painting
Rough coloring of Axel's frog painting
Completed art work of Axel's frog painting

Step 1

Define the needs.

Axel Design was looking for a place to showcase their work. They wanted their new website to include a clean and minimal design, and to give off the feeling of an art gallery. Each art piece needed a standalone page with an option to order prints in custom sizes.

All of the color on the site is restricted to the art pieces and the order buttons, to focus the visitor's attention on what matters most.

Museum showing off Axel's designs in a gallery view

Step 2

Optimize the Flow.

From a development point, this is one of the easier projects I've worked on. First priority was to show the art, and then flow the user into the order page.

Every image is designed to take up a substantial portion of the page so that the visitor can focus on the details of each item.

Step 3

Simplify the Order

The forms used to order the art run through the Netlify form service. Integrated directly into the build process, this is a Backend-As-A-Service that is as easy as adding one data attribute to your project. Each form is automatically sanitized, checked for spam, and emailed directly to whom it needs to go to.

<form name="contact" netlify>
<label>Name <input type="text" name="name"></label>
<label>Name <input type="email" name="email"></label>

<button type="submit">Send</button>
Art is never finished, only abandoned.

If you want more, check it out for yourself!

Axel Design Website

Finito! (The End)

Thanks for reading!